About ECS

ECS is headquartered in Seattle, WA with additional offices in San Jose CA, Phoenix AZ and Portland OR. Since 1998 the ECS team of engineers and sales professionals has provided a comprehensive approach to data center management solutions. From computer labs to large multiple site data centers, ECS has provided the systems and expertise to create world class data centers.

ECS provides data center solutions that include monitoring tools, access and control systems, precision cooling, power distribution and protection, uninterpretable power supplies, and IT equipment racks and enclosures. 

ECS has combined its expertise in the data center to offer the future in data center infrastructure, the Next Generation Data Center (NGDC). The ECS NGDC offerings are an all inclusive approach to deploying data centers in a secure, scablable and modular fashion. For more information please visit our Next Generation Data Center site at www.TheContainerizedDataCenter.com 

For more information on any of our solutions and services please feel free to contact us: 

Telephone: 800.570.5755 
F a x:         425.227.9393 

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Company Website: www.DataCenterExperts.com 

Mailing Address:      P. O. Box 68310 
                               Seattle, WA 98168