Modular Natural Free Data Center Cooling Designs

ECS is excited to offer our customers AST's exclusive Modular Data Center FreeCooling.  Patented worldwide, this unique data center cooling design allows 100% free cooling at temperatures of 75ºF (24ºC) and below, without any external cooler and without any input from outside air. This provides dramatic energy savings with an expected ROI of less than 18 months.

This unique approach to data center cooling provides free cooling in the modular or standard data center environment, with no cross contamination of inside and outside air. Efficiently add this to your hot/cold aisles distribution.


-Humidity Control
-Evaporative Cooling
-100% Sensible Cooling Transfer
-No Single Points of Failure
-Low Maintenance
-Vertical and Horizontal Installation
-Efficient Control System
-Passive Air to Air Exchanger

Contact ECS today to learn more on how this innovative design can help you lower the energy consumption used to cool your data centers.