Containerized Data Center Solutions in an ISO Container

Container based data centers are an excellent way to expand or increase the capacity of an existing data center in a remote or temporary location. 

With the ability to achieve PUE as low as 1.10, perhaps the most compelling reason to deploy a container based data center may be the energy, & therefore cost savings, involved when deploying these energy efficient systems. 

Container based data centers can save up to 50 percent of the operational expenses over traditional data centers.

ECS Next Generation Data Center Containers are heavy duty highly secure modular technical rooms built inside a rugged, ISO standardized steel freight container. Designed for outdoor applications, these data centers provide unique fire and thermal resistance, anti-vandalism, blast protection and water tightness. Our container based vendor neutral data centers are a highly versatile, mobile solution ideal for mission critical telecom, IT, and network applications where high performance of servers, switches, and other computing and communications platforms is demanded.

The ECS Next Generation Data Center Container solution provides a fully functional Data Center with complete infrastructure including: cooling, power, structural protection, fire protection, monitoring, and secure access control. Our container solution achieves a total plug and play data center within a secure environment. All this in a modular and flexible approach at the lowest PUE.

Our container solution is capable of accommodating up to 19 conventional racks in a 40’ ISO container with a range of densities starting at 5kW/rack and up to 30+ kW/rack, even the integration of main frames. A range of service containers are offered providing the appropriate power and cooling needs to feed the IT containers. ECS can provide the Next Generation Data Center Container solution as a stand-alone or multi-container solutions using 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’ or 53’ ISO containers units.

The scalability of the ECS Next Generation Data Center Container is an advantage over traditional data center space as it allows enterprises with multiple data centers to move capacity between the data centers as required. The deployment time of expanding a facility is much shorter when compared with a traditional data center. Traditional data centers can take years to design, build and make operational. Modular and container based data centers can be operational in just a few months.