Off Site Constructed (OSC) Next Generation Data Centers

Much like the ISO Container NGDC, OSC Next Generation Data Centers offer you the modularity and transportability you desire without the foot print limitations of the Iso Container. When you need more space than an Iso container, consider an ECS OSC NGDC Data Center.  These modular buildings are constructed in our factory in a controlled environment.  Equipment is installed and connected in the proper sequence.  Controls and instrumentation are installed in a factory controlled environment, and the system is tested and pre-start items complete before it gets to your site.  

Advantages of an OCS Data Center include:
  • Complete dimensional flexibility to meet unique site requirements
  • Designed for expansion and interface with adjacent modules
  • ETL Labeled modules considered a piece of equipment for code application
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment completely run tested prior to shipment
  • Controls system pre-installed, pre-programmed and pre-tested prior to shipment